First EP review and an interview!

First EP review and an interview!

Some small updates: the Forces Ep will be released 9 September on Bandcamp (and Spotify etc.). In the meanwhile, you can head over to Boot—music for our first EP review (featured in their 7 favourite new European discoveries).
“If you are wanting to be transported back into a blissful 60s daydream full of uplifting melodies then you should indulge in the upcoming EP from Dutch band The Forces. Led by producer Joshua Boon, the band have been their distinctive brand of European Flower Pop Psychedelia…A perfect EP for those who want to drift away into a nostalgic time warp filled with modern production.”
Read it all here (scroll a bit down).


See The Other Side Reviews for a chat with The Forces producer Joshua Boon.

“Blending elements of jazz, indie-pop, rock, soul and everything in between, The Forces is an eclectic Dutch project that can get you jumping to his sound. We speak to writer and producer Joshua Boon about their self-titled EP (to be released September 9th), good and bad advice, and future plans.”
Read it all here!

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